Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All The Ways to Wear

Hey Everyone,

If you bought the bracelet, chances are you love jewelry..I know I do! My latest obsession is stacking them with all kinds of other bracelets and watches. It doesn't have to be so matchy matchy just in the same color family...or not. There aren't really any rules to this trend.

I have been into watches lately too which are a popular accessory right now and put together some photos for you of the different ways I wear my summer project. For more info on my Summer of Love for Uganda Project CLICK HERE. To order your very own bracelet --please message me at!

love it with a wrap watch, this one is from La Mer

 I got this one from and
added leaf chain to jazz it up

stack it with other bracelets AND a watch--
all made by moi :)

Mix and match metals and styles of bracelets too

wear it with bangles they are so classic and go with everything

add some length with a tassel bracelet

Monday, May 28, 2012

1 Week Update

Hey Everyone,

I have to say the word is out!! Thank you all for reposting on your Facebook pages and forwarding my emails. I appreciate any time you are willing to talk to friends and family about what we are doing.

In ONE WEEK I have orders for 32 bracelets, these women will be contributing to empowerment of the beader groups in Uganda! A BIG thank you to all who placed orders and are sending in payment!

Aleen Baronian
Linda Miyahara
Lucia Giacomantonio
Rachel La Pierre
Monique Miyahara
Theresa Lynn
Nichole Achramovitch
Alys Robinson
Catriona Mackenzie
Michelle Fauth

Bari and Ray Nazario donated $100 to the project, WOW thank you so very much!

Andrea Cansler is now making monthly payments to sponsor Rose Mary Alimo's education!

I have to say I have some really amazing friends and family who have been so responsive and supportive!!! For more information on Outreach Uganda click HERE. To place your order please email me at and check out my original project post with all the details HERE!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Paper Beads Are Made

Hey Everyone,

The project is off to a great start with several orders already underway!! Thank you for all who have shared my blog via email and Facebook I really appreciate you taking the time to spread the word :)

Many of you are asking HOW the paper beads are made because they are so unique and beautiful. They are made from recycled magazine and calendar pages. The women choose the right kind of paper in color, weight, and glossiness which may take up to 2.5 hours to travel to Kampala; the capital city of Uganda. Check out this video that shows the process, so amazing!

For more information on my summer project raising money for Outreach Uganda click HERE.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Project!

Hello friends,

I am starting a project called "Summer of Love for Uganda" before I begin graduate school. I am very excited about it and hope you will all help me make it successful!

This year for Mother's Day my mom came to visit me in LA. We went to the local bead store for goodies to make jewelry as we do every time she comes to visit. I saw these colorful beads from Uganda that I had never seen or heard about before. I picked out several other beads and made a cute bracelet. Back at home I did a quick internet search and found out about these amazing women who use recycled magazine and calendar pages to make the beads. The trip to get the right kind of paper  could take 2.5 hours to get to Kampala, the capital city. They cut the strips of paper and roll them into the shape of the bead, varnish them a three times and let them dry; pretty amazing!

Outreach Uganda is an amazing non-profit with 3 beader groups: the Jinja group is in a small city, the Kitgum group is in a town, and the third Agwata group is in a small village, all located in Northern Uganda. They help the support the women in vocational training, business start up grants, and marketing the paper beads. Through the sale of the beads they are able to send their children to school and create a sustainable and steady income for their families and overcome poverty.

The Kitgum beaders live in the very northern part of Uganda

As an anthropology student I am continually hearing stories about people who have been affected by war, poverty, or an oppressive government (in many cases, all three). Instead of just learning about them, I wanted to do something but was unsure of what. So there I was looking at the bracelet I had just made, thinking these beads are handmade by women who are working hard to bring themselves out of poverty and I wanted to do something to help.

If you know me, you know I enjoy making jewelry. Working and going to school full time hasn't allowed for much free time lately. Summer is just around the corner and I will have 3 months off before I start my masters program at USC in Visual Anthropology (making ethnographic/documentary films). One of my research interests are women creating handicrafts as a source of income and I am hoping that I could continue this research in a larger project.

Beautiful paper beads from Outreach Uganda

Each bracelet I make is unique and handmade 

I want to help these women with a significant financial contribution and raise awareness about what they are doing and share the beauty of their handicrafts with you. I am going to make and sell as many bracelets at $20 each this summer and then make a donation to Outreach Uganda in all of our names!

50% of the profits will go to Outreach Uganda! Each one will be unique, handmade, and multicolored with different accent beads made of wood, glass, and metal and will feature the beautiful Ugandan bead(s) incorporated in them. I am buying the beads directly from Outreach Uganda. Some will be on brown cord and others on gold tone chain. I am buying the beads directly from the organization. Pictured are the different kinds of bracelets I am making for the project, you will receive one similar. Unfortunately I am unable to take orders for exact colors but if you let me know if you like colors in cool or warm tones I will try my best to accomodate you :)

I have no doubt that you think this is a worthy cause and that these Ugandan women deserve a home, a stable income, and an education for their children. I am asking that you not just buy a bracelet, but that you help me sell them! This way we can really contribute something worthwhile like sponsoring a child/children to attend school for one year ($250-325). I am asking that you encourage your friends and family to purchase these bracelets for themselves and others to raise awareness about these women and what this organization is doing to help them.  Please ask your employers if you have a gift matching program as well, and we can double our efforts! 

Rose Mary Alimo (age 13 - Jinja)

Please email me if you will help me in taking orders from your friends, family, co-workers, book clubs, teachers, etc. Etsy and Paypal all take their cut on transactions which really add up, so cash or checks would be the preferred method of payment although I will take credit cards for large orders only.

1. email me at with your order of how many
2. I will reply with my home address and shipping costs, (usually around $2)
3. You mail me a check as a form of payment (please DO NOT send cash)
4. I ship out your bracelet(s) a few days later!

Subscribe to my blog as I will be updating it this summer to let you all know how the project is going and how much money we are raising!

Check out Outreach Uganda to learn about all the programs they are implementing to strengthen this community and empower these women!