Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi, I'm Ankirara Joel

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would introduce you to some of the children that need sponsorship to continue their education! I would love to sponsor some of these children with the money we raise from the bracelet project at the end of the summer. However it only costs $21 a month to send him to school, that's what some of us spend on a night out at dinner! So I thought I would introduce you to Ankirara Joel who wants to be a mechanic and loves math so that if you are interested in sponsoring him independent of the project, you can. I have taken the information directly from the Outreach Uganda site. 

*Sponsorship Amount: $21 per month**

Age – 13: Grade – Primary 5

Ankirara is a young man that moved to the small village of Agwata in Uganda from Kitgum three years ago. Ankirara lives with his mother as his father was killed in the war. The family grows their own food and Ankirara spends much of his time digging in the garden and cleaning around the compound.

His favorite subject is math. He wants to become a mechanic some day. He says that he likes to repair broken down vehicles. He enjoys reading and playing football in his free time.

Your generous donation would ensure that Ankirara gets the education he so desperately desires!

Annual sponsorship cost is $250 for primary school fees and costs, uniforms, school supplies and occasional supplemental food assistance. This amount can be paid by credit card in one lump sum, by term at $84 per term (3x per year), or monthly at $21 per month Additional optional amounts up to $300 total may be contributed during the calendar year as a special family gift.

DO YOU HAVE $21 A MONTH? If you are interested in sponsoring Ankirara CLICK HERE!
To see all the children who need sponbsorship CLICK HERE!

Monday, June 18, 2012

4 Week Update

WOW! We are already 1/3 of the way through the summer project and I have been BUSY with orders. I must apologize I am a little behind this last week because of finals and graduation. I had a wonderful weekend with my family who drove to LA to see my graduate and celebrate! Now for the rest of the summer I can focus on bracelets. I know many of you have received and loved yours and are coming back for seconds, I cant tell you how happy this makes me! Keep talking about the project.

I'd like to acknowledge the orders from this past week. THANK YOU!!!

Amber Bickman
Jasmine Carrington
Monica Bowen
Marina Groysman
Emma Ward
Sonia Aguilar
Judy Fauth
Rachel LaPierre
Andrew Kimball
Ana Dragovich

ORDERING IS EASY1. email me at with your order of how many
2. I will reply with my home address and shipping costs, (usually around $2)
3. You mail me a check as a form of payment (please DO NOT send cash)
4. I ship out your bracelet(s) a few days later!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Support from Etsy Sellers

Since the point of this project is to donate as much money to
Outreach Uganda as possible, I thought I would ask my fellow Etsy sellers to donate items to make the bracelets and see if they would help out on the project. The response has been overwhelming!

If you havent heard of Etsy it is a community of people who sell handmade items and supplies to make those items, you should go NOW to the website if you havent been there before but give youself a few hours because there are so many amazing things to see.

I want to thank you all for GENEROUSLY donating to the project; thank you for your kindness and support and for trusting a girl with a blog and a goal for the summer! Clicking on the name of the shop will bring you to their Etsy page. Send them a kind word or purchase something beautiful from their shop :)

individually hand-stamped UG (Uganda) tags with a little daisy

flat diamond shaped medium brown wooden beads

pretty little opaque beige beads

Beads and Babble
bright gold base metal daisy spacer beads

 small, high quality, gold plated pewter bicones with an antique gold finish
 chartreuse color, faceted rondelle, opaque

Czech glass faceted beads

rainbow organza bags

gold plated 5mm bicone beads

Small African Trade CHRISTMAS Beads

Nice, heavy lobster claw clasps in a gold plated alloy

Prettiest flower button mix in earthy autumn colors

Turquoise Heishe beads 3-4mm

Monday, June 11, 2012

3 Week Update

Its that time again, we are 3 weeks into the project! I have now placed my second order with Outreach Uganda for more beads-how exciting! The orders are continuing to come in. Dont wait until the end of the summer to order August will be here before you know it. We are working on raising money to sponsor children to go to school and to help the Agwata beader group have access to clean drinking water!

Check the blog archive to learn about the well project.

Special THANK YOU to all those who placed orders this past week. This project cannot be succesful without you!

Sunny Fowler
Denise Wu
Rosemary Calderon
Norma Silva
Nancy Johnson
Emily Gearhart
Carol Coleman
Brittany Trice
Caroline Polinski
Amanda Bariteau
Lauren Somers
Allen Lester

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water Well for Agwata Village

I have emailed with Carol Davis, the founder of Outreach Uganda and let her know about my summer project raising funds for the beader groups. She is so happy and grateful for all of your support! Here is what she said about the current project they are raising money for.

Agwata village

"We are currently raising funds to be able to drill a bore hole (water well) at the Agwata parent supported school where our 3rd beader group is located.  The total cost is estimated to be $8,500 and so far we have raised about $1,000 towards this. Our Agwata and Kitgum bead groups have made some special necklaces and bracelets which we are calling “Watercolor” necklaces and bracelets to tie in with the idea of “water” which is badly needed at our school location.  So…we are trying to raise both outright contributions for this project plus selling these special items and ear marking monies from the sales to go towards the bore hole. There are now 300 children at this school ranging in age from 4 year olds (Nursery class) to P-5 which is similar to our 4th grade in the U.S."

- Carol Davis, Founder of Outreach Uganda

watercolor necklaces

Did you know that nearly a billion people do not have access to clean and safe water. 37% of those people live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I would like to donate a portion of the money we raise toward the well project! You can read more about the Agwata beader group HERE. If you are interested in purchasing some of the "water" jewelry to directly help support the well project, click HERE

Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Week Update

Hey Hey!
The project is well underway and the orders are continuing to come in. I have placed my second order of beads from Outreach Uganda and I can't wait to get them! Thank you for all the EARLY orders and being enthusiastic about the project.

I'm thinking the second wave of orders are going to come from people seeing and talking about the bracelets, they are pretty unique and eye-catching if I do say so myself! I have also received a few orders for small bracelets for people's nieces and daughters which I love :)

THANK YOU for orders placed this past week! 

Jimmy Formanek
Jasmin Driggers
Alexis Acero
Peiti Di
Ashely Rico
Hazel Clark
Andrea Cansler
Amanda Bariteau
Mala Wai
Jessica Millett
Malikha Daniels
Melanie Vriend
Michelle Huynh
Maricela Preciado
Louis Oliveria
Tracy Grooters

*I'd like to do a blog post of everyone and their bracelets since they are all unique. So please take a picture of yourself wearing the bracelet and email it to me at For more information on the project click HERE for my original post.