Monday, May 28, 2012

1 Week Update

Hey Everyone,

I have to say the word is out!! Thank you all for reposting on your Facebook pages and forwarding my emails. I appreciate any time you are willing to talk to friends and family about what we are doing.

In ONE WEEK I have orders for 32 bracelets, these women will be contributing to empowerment of the beader groups in Uganda! A BIG thank you to all who placed orders and are sending in payment!

Aleen Baronian
Linda Miyahara
Lucia Giacomantonio
Rachel La Pierre
Monique Miyahara
Theresa Lynn
Nichole Achramovitch
Alys Robinson
Catriona Mackenzie
Michelle Fauth

Bari and Ray Nazario donated $100 to the project, WOW thank you so very much!

Andrea Cansler is now making monthly payments to sponsor Rose Mary Alimo's education!

I have to say I have some really amazing friends and family who have been so responsive and supportive!!! For more information on Outreach Uganda click HERE. To place your order please email me at and check out my original project post with all the details HERE!


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